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We have no way of knowing how much harm nature will do to us and our property in the event of natural disasters. Summer weather may be hazardous to our cars, mainly when hail, which is essentially spherical bits of solid ice falling from the sky, occurs. Intense thunderstorms will bring with them ferocious winds and damaging hail that ranges in size from very small to about 4.0-inches.

The easiest option to prevent hail harm to your car is to park indoors, but this is not always feasible and all of us must try other methods of hail protection for our cars. Additionally, hail car covers have to be accessible. It is critical to understand that, while car covers are not as effective or safe as a carport or garage, they are preferable to taking no action at all.

Living in the Tornado Alley region of the central United States, for sure, you’re already preparing for the hail season. Many of you might be wondering what factors to weigh while shopping for the best hail protection car cover available. Continue reading this article to discover more.

Invest in a Car Cover

Although constructing a carport is less expensive than constructing an entire garage, it is still a significant expenditure. If you don’t have a structure to park under and cannot have one soon, a purpose-built car cover will potentially have some security from hail.

A car cover is a piece of fabric that fits securely over your vehicle and protects it from the elements, bird droppings, dangerous UV radiation, and wear while you are not driving it. Although that can seem straightforward in principle, there are several types of car covers. As a result, determining which is the right option for your requirements may be challenging.

A standard car cover is essentially a dense waterproof cloth or fabric cover tailored to your car’s requirements like the make, model, year, and size. They’re typically designed to be spread quickly, so you can apply them immediately when seeing hail in the weather forecast. This option may or may not be enough protection from hail stones.

Purchasing a car cover can be an excellent investment in maintaining your vehicle, especially during hailstorms. If you don’t have a covered parking area, you can drape a car cover over your car to mitigate hail damage. Although a good car cover can not entirely avoid hail damage, it will lessen the impact. 

A Perfect Guide to the Best Car Cover

Hail Protection

A well-constructed car cover is the most efficient means of hail protection. The most secure hail car cover is durable and constructed with suitable material to deflect projectiles from wind and hail stones.

Understanding the differences between hail car cover types should focus before purchasing one for your vehicle. It is the best way to ensure that you have one that suits your vehicle exactly. Remember the following while shopping for a hail vehicle protective cover.

Size of Car Cover

A car’s size varies by make. Therefore, when searching for a hail cover, it’s critical to consider the size of your car. You’ll find hail car covers that are elastic and suit most vehicles. Additionally, some are made especially for a particular model of vehicle. Have this in mind when purchasing a hail car cover. Bear in mind that it must be stored while not in use. Storing large covers in vehicles with limited boot/hatch space may be challenging.

The Integrity of the Car Cover

Ascertain that a reliable company manufactures the hail cover. If you purchase a hail cover with a low impact absorption rating, it does not provide enough security in the event of a hail storm. Verify that the maker of the cover warrants the product against UV degradation and manufacturing defects.

Overall Quality of the Car Cover

The overall quality of the car cover includes the fit, stitching, padding extent and width, and content quality and longevity. It also includes the make of the car cover.

Materials Used to Make the Cover

The material in which the hail cover is constructed influences its reliability, durability, and degree of impact absorption.

The Durability of the Car Cover

Another critical thing to remember is the hail cover’s durability. It would be best to consider the rate of disintegration, peeling, and fading of the cover. Consider certain critical factors, such as the intensity of the hail storm it can handle. With this detail, you can choose the best hail cover for your vehicle.

Tips and Advice for Car Cover

  • Covers without padded sides are unable to have enough protection for side panels.
  • Inspect it for suitable tie-down points to protect the cover from flapping or blowing away in strong winds.
  • Select a cover that has the correct size for the car – one that is too large can flap about, and one that is too small will not completely cover the lower parts of panels.
  • Before a projected storm, make it a habit to fit the car cover. It will take a few attempts until it fits comfortably in the boot.
  • Avoid pulling the cover over the dirt, as this can collect dust and stain the car’s paintwork.
  • Avoid pulling the cover over the body paintwork while installing or removing it to avoid scratching the paintwork with dirt or dust.
  • Periodically remove covers to enable excess moisture to evaporate. Rust may be induced by moisture trapped under a cover.

Final Thoughts

If you’re concerned about not finding hail covers that fit your vehicle, have no doubt. Some of the better hail cars covers on the market can be custom-fitted to the car to ensure it fits perfectly and safely. And with this hail cover, you can leave your car wherever and at any moment without worrying. It’s a low-cost, high-efficiency investment in your car, and you’ll soon recall why you desired a hail damage protector in the first place since you’ll be able to sleep soundly regardless of the outside conditions.

Many car covers are available on the market that promise to shield your vehicle from scratches and dings; hence, be sure to purchase a durable hail cover. There are several varieties of automobile covers available today. The majority of car covers have a weatherproof shell and a fleece covering on the inside. Numerous versions have several layers and are thicker, offering superior protection against adverse weather conditions. 

Hail Free Solutions has been assisting customers with car hail damage for over two decades. They also help with insurance claims and auto rentals. If you want to protect your car, call our shop today to learn more about how to navigate through the hail damage repair process

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