How much does it cost to repair my hail damaged car?

In most cases, nothing! As long as you have comprehensive coverage on your insurance plan, Hail Free
Solutions will work directly with your insurance company to coordinate the repairs. The process starts with
opening a hail claim, this just means reporting the damage to your insurance company. Next step is to have
your insurance company estimate and evaluate the damage. We can coordinate to have your Insurance
Adjuster come to our shop to do this. Our team of professional hail experts work directly with the insurance
adjuster to be sure all damage is documented and properly accounted for. We work to ensure that your
insurance company fairly evaluates and covers the parts that might need replacement, the time involved in
repairs and possible paint and labor involved. Your insurance company will pay us directly, minus your
deductible. Hail Free Solutions will waive most deductibles so that hail repair is affordable for everyone.

Will my insurance premiums go up if I file an auto hail claim?

Hail Damage to a vehicle is considered an act of Nature or God. No one is at fault, therefore this is different
from filling a collision claim where someone is at fault. As long as you have comprehensive coverage on your
auto insurance plan, the repairs should be covered by your insurance company without affecting your

How long will hail repair take on my car?

Every situation is different based on the extent of damage but in most cases the average repair time can take
anywhere from 7-10 business days.

Does Hail Free Solutions really provide a free rental car?

Yes! We have an agreement with several rental locations so that our customers are not left without a car
during repairs. If you do not have rental coverage on your auto policy, we will provide a full-size rental car
during repairs at no charge to you.

Will I be able to tell that the car has been repaired by Paintless Dent Repair?

No. The process of paintless dent repair is used for that reason. We access the underside panels of the car to
gently massage each dent with specialized tools and lighting. The hoodliner, headliner and trunk liners are
removed to access the dents, then replaced at the end of repairs. The process allows us to save the factory
paint finish which saves the value of your car.

Will I get a warranty on my hail damage repairs?

Yes! Hail Free Solutions will provide a written warranty on the hail damage repairs. We stand behind our work
and value our customers satisfaction.
Should your car get hit with hail again, a new claim would have to be filed to begin the process of restoration.