How Bad Can Hail Damage Affect Car Value

Are you a victim of hail damage? Did hail damage cause the accident to be more severe than it should have been? It is essential to understand the extent of the damage and have insurance to pay for it if necessary. If your car has been hit by hail, find out what your insurance company will do.

How severe can hail damage your car? It’s a simple answer: “VERY BAD!” Your insurance company could deny not only coverage but also increase your rates. There are many things that your insurance policy can cover if hail damages your car. 

Avoiding Car Hail Damage

Hail can cause severe damage to your car, regardless of how small it is. It includes dents and broken windows. Owners of hail-damaged cars can feel defeated and even damaged.

If hail is forecast, you should move your car into a garage or covered shelter. In the event of hail, you might be able to cover your car with old blankets. To prevent your blankets from blowing away, make sure you secure them. High gusty winds are often associated with hailstorms. 

Hail-damaged vehicles can be a bargain for vehicle buyers, but they can also cause headaches for vehicle owners. Hail damage can cause hail repair costs to vary depending on how severe it is.

Car Value and Insurance Coverage

If you don’t have comprehensive coverage from any insurance company, you will be responsible for any hail damage. The average hail claim costs about $2,500.

You might not want an insurance claim if you have comprehensive coverage. It typically covers hailstone damage. In some cases, you may need to file an insurance claim. When deciding on a repair, you should also consider your deductible and the car’s value.

Let’s suppose you have comprehensive insurance that covers hail damage. You may be wondering if it is worth filing a hail damage claim. Your vehicle may be considered “totalled” if the repair costs exceed 50% to 60% of its value.

While you should still make a claim, keep in mind that it may include the hail damage claim in your vehicle history report. This information is available to potential car buyers. If you want to sell your car, this could cost you thousands of dollars.

These factors are used to determine the value of your vehicle:

  • Your car’s type and condition
  • The mileage (years) of your car
  • Additional features are available.

Figuring the Hail Damaged Cars Cost

Repairing hail damage to a vehicle may be a costly endeavor. Following are some of the variables that may influence the cost of hail damage repair:

  • The number of dents on the car
  • The number of windows that have been broken
  • The presence of paint damage
  • The presence of door and/or hood damage
Hail Damage Affect Car Value

Hail damage professionals will take down the number of dents on the car, the panels that were damaged by hail, and the likelihood that they can repair it with the tools they have. They will also need to determine if windows or other car parts are required and provide a quote.

The majority of car insurance companies will only cover hail damage, not damage that has already occurred. While the hailstorm is being repaired on your vehicle, you will be responsible for any pre-existing damage that has to be repaired or corrected. You will have to pay out of your pocket.

Hail Damage Devaluing Your Car

You may submit a claim and take your car to a body shop for paintless damage repair, and it will not appear on your vehicle record. In this particular case, hail damage will not affect the car’s value.

Suppose you choose not to have the damage repaired. In that case, each dent will cause your car to depreciate by about the same amount as the cost of repair (approximately $2,500).

Because hail damage differs per vehicle, hail damage may influence the amount of compensation a car owner can get. Perhaps the hail damage is just a few hundred dollars. Alternatively, your vehicle may have suffered thousands of dollars in hail damage. Hail damage can cause significant damage to a vehicle’s value, from minor dents to severe body damage and broken windows.

Hail damage coverage is a standard feature for vehicle owners. You might consider having your vehicle repaired before you sell it. Numerous car purchasers will negotiate substantial reductions off your vehicle’s typical asking price. You can sell your hail-damaged vehicle to someone willing to buy it and then move on.

Buying a Hail Damaged Car: Is It Worth It?

If you want to buy a vehicle that has been damaged by hail, you should proceed with caution. You should be completely aware of the amount of hail damage to your vehicle before proceeding. It is also necessary to calculate the overall cost of hail damage restoration.

As the buyer of a hail-damaged car, you might want to check the electrical functionality of the car. Additionally, you should inspect the car for water damage and potential rust development on both the interior and exterior. Hail is made of water that may ultimately dissolve into water. Finally, verify if a warranty covers the hail-damaged vehicle and how the policy covers the damage. The warranty may exclude coverage for other hail-damaged components of the vehicle. It is usually prudent to inspect it before buying a hail-damaged vehicle.

Final Thought

Dealing with hail damage can have a high cost, especially if the damage is extensive. If you have hail damage on your car, you should not let it go without repairing it. In most cases, this can be done relatively inexpensively with the help of a trusted mechanic. 

By keeping your car protected from hail damage, you will be able to drive it around for a longer time or even sell it with a reasonable price.

Hail Free Solutions is a company that can offer dependable hail auto repairs. In addition to restoring your car to pre-accident condition, our highly trained staff can assist you with submitting your insurance claims. Call us now to learn more.

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